Page modified: 2006/04/11 17:45:27

JRail plan rescheduled


Well, I won't be on time with new milestone release. It's because I decided to put actually much more functionality into it. I don't like to release something which is hardly functional. I hope next milestone build will allow to play, maybe in client - server environment.

JRail Milestone 02 released


New version of JRailViewer with simulation feature is now available. Check it: download section.

Finishing release 1.0 milestone 02


The milestone 02 is nearly finished. Look at latest screenshots to see how the functionality is growing. I decided to add simple simulation and steering functionaly to m02. It should be released at the end of January, 2006.

Rendering of trains


I started implementing of train renderers. Now simplified rendering is available, check screenshots and HEAD in CVS.

First milestone build of JRail available


First build of JRail is available, check this.