Page modified: 2005/12/22 11:31:01

What is JRail?

JRail is an open source train simulator. Unlike most games of this type, it is fully written in Java language. It uses Java3D for rendering realistic 3D view.

What is the status?

Current status of JRail simulator is an early pre-alpha stage (not playable). I'm trying to push it forward, as I have huge delay in development since 2002, when the project was started. You can monitor feature list, plans and current development stage here.

How it will be?

I want JRail to be an client-server, network enabled massive-multiplayer game. I want it to work in real-time, with realistic timetables. Many users at one time may login and take control over one of many trains in virtual world of JRail. I want, but it will take so much time to implement... We'll see...

The history

I planned to write this kind of game in early 2002. I planned to implement at least part of it in Java. I did several attempts, then discouraged with effects I started from scratch and so on. Now I feel I have quite good, nice and flexible code base (mainly simulation logic) which is good enough to start GUI development with it.

3rd party libraries

The following 3rd party libraries are used in JRail project:

  • GF - Game Framework, developed in parallel with JAWP game (JAWP Home Page)
  • JDom
  • Log4J